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Daniel Rodrigues Daniel Rodrigues

Daniel Gonçalves Rodrigues

Beyond being the founder and director of Quinta da Saraiva as a tourism project, Daniel is also an International Political Economist from Georgetown University and a multi-industry entrepreneur. Although he does not live in Madeira, he tries to come as often as possible to his favorite destination and interact with his guests. He is also Graciela's son, and therefore a descendant of Quinta da Saraiva. Contact Daniel in English, Portuguese, French, or Spanish at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sílvia Rodrigues Sílvia Rodrigues


You cannot think of Quinta da Saraiva without thinking of Silvia. Our general manager and cherished team leader, Silvia leverages her 20 years of experience in the hospitality sector to ensure a smooth operation, attention to detail, and a warm welcome to every guest who stays with us.
Silvia's top priority is that you feel welcome in our family.
Silvia speaks Portuguese, English, and German. You may reach her via email at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nélia Silva Nélia Silva


Our dear housekeeper Nélia is the best embodiment of the local Câmara de Lobos community – always featuring a friendly smile. From the moment you step in to Quinta da Saraiva, Nelia will seek to guarantee that your stay is the most comfortable possible. During breakfast, please ask her to prepare her “world-famous” scrambled eggs. Nélia speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Luís Romão Luís Romão


Luís is our resident agricultural expert, with more than two decades of experience taking care of the entire plantation and production at Quinta da Saraiva. He may not be very visible, but that is because he is hard at work nurturing our banana trees, feeding our goats, or planting new crops. Ask Luis more about the local produce at Quinta da Saraiva, or learn more about the authentic agricultural traditions of Madeira. Luis speaks Portuguese.

Graciela Figueira Graciela Figueira


Responsible for the overall aesthetic of Quinta da Saraiva, Graciela is the creative director of the property. All decoration, design, and art has been personally chosen and curated by her. As the daughter of Anália, who was part of the last generation to be born in the property, she is a true descendant of Quinta da Saraiva. She speaks English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish.

Analia Figueira Analia Figueira


The lady of the house. Mrs. Analia is a true descendant of Saraiva, born and raised in the property before she emigrated to Venezuela in the 1960’s. It is with her blessing that her descendants developed Quinta da Saraiva as a boutique rural tourism project. Mrs. Analia spends her time between Miami, Caracas, and Madeira. She speaks Portuguese and Spanish.

Nina Pereira Nina Pereira


Nina is Quinta da Saraiva's marketing and community manager. She's responsible for the fantastic content we publish across all of our platforms - including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. Nina, as a true Madeiran, knows exactly how to spot and capture the best moments at Quinta da Saraiva which are then shared with our global audience. She has a fantastic eye for detail and previous experience working in the hospitality industry. You can reach out to Nina via our social accounts or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in either Portuguese or English.

Eliodoro Sardinha Eliodoro Sardinha


Eliodoro Sardinha was the main supervisor for the construction of Quinta da Saraiva and is now in charge of the ongoing technical operation ranging from civil engineering to agricultural strategy. Eliodoro is the son of Salete, Anália's youngest sister, and is also therefore a descendant of Quinta da Saraiva. You can message Eliodoro in Spanish, English, or Portuguese at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Diogo Freitas Diogo Freitas


Your best friend at Quinta da Saraiva. Diogo's mission is to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience while staying with us. Make sure you don't miss one of Diogo's world-famous poncha cocktail workshops, and if you get lucky, he might throw a Nikita into the mix. Diogo speaks English and Portuguese.

Laura Ferreira Laura Ferreira


With a long background in the hotel industry, Laura is responsible for ensuring every one of our guests feels at home. Whether it is by preparing our amazing breakfasts, or setting rooms ready for our guests' arrival, Laura is a behind-the-scenes superstar. Laura speaks Portuguese and English.

Mina Faria Mina Faria


Mina is our newest addition to the Quinta da Saraiva team. Hailing from nearby Ribeira Brava, Mina is our most motivated and hardworking colleague. You will also never catch Mina without a big smile! Ask her for her secret to being such an uplifting and positive personality over breakfast in either English or Portuguese. Mina loves to interact with our guests.

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