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Quinta da Saraiva has always been an agricultural estate since its inception, boasting an extension of almost 5,000 square meters of land all across the property.
Within Quinta da Saraiva, we plant and harvest bananas, grapes, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, soursop, figs, squash, and many more fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Please ask our staff for the complete list as well as where they are located within the property.


We are currently certified producers of "Global Gap" bananas across our 2,000 square-meter banana plantation. Per our sustainability goals, our intention is to transition into a completely biological production within the upcoming years.

Bananas have been present in Madeira ever since they were introduced in the sixteenth century. Madeira's most popular varieties are, in order, “Dwarf Cavendish”, "Robusta", "Grand Naine - Israel", and "Gal". Madeira's total banana cultivated area is close to 850 hectares.

According to Madeiran legislation, at Quinta da Saraiva we sell our bananas across three sub-categories depending on the quality of the crop: 1st category, 2nd category, and the "Extra" category - the latter being the most valuable.


Quinta da Saraiva
We have been producing and harvesting traditional Madeira wine grapes known as Tinta Negra or Negra Mole for over 100 years. Our vineyards extend over an area of 1,000 square meters employing the parreira system wherein our grapes and vines hang from tall wooden or metallic structures, thus never touching the ground. Quinta da Saraiva grapes are used to produce house Madeira wine employing traditional methods within our wine press, the product of which is then stored within our wine cellars. Please ask our staff to sample some of the house wine!


Quinta da Saraiva has had a goat pen for over 15 years, ever since grandfather (Avô) José Rodrigues Diniz commissioned its construction. We have expanded the pre-existing goat pen to allow our animals to have better exposure to sunlight, as well as a larger area for them to roam.

A recent acquisition, Quinta da Saraiva has installed a small chicken coop with an adult rooster, adult hen, and various rotating small chicks from different breeds. Our small chicks are bold and spoiled, so please do not be alarmed if you see them roaming around the perimeter of the pool and our Main House.
Quinta da Saraiva
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